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• Geoff has been a chartered accountant for 27 years with
experience in commercial, auditing, taxation and insolvency

• Member of NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants, with
current certificate of public practice. This, the premier
accountancy professional body in NZ, reviews and audits
its members on a regular basis;

• Nine years' experience in the insolvency field (in past
two years 11 liquidations administered, as well as creditor
compromise and voluntary administration experience);

• Proven record of integrity and trustworthiness; and

• Nelson based with local knowledge of the top of the south.


Sometimes all a struggling company needs is some
fresh ideas and fine tuning.
Biz Rescue offers low cost assessments which involve:
• meeting with managers and staff;
• a comprehensive review of the main facets of the business;
• a review of financial information;
• identification of weaknesses and opportunities; and
• a brief report including recommendations.

Further assistance can be negotiated.

business rescue services

A company is "insolvent" when it is unable to pay its debts
as they fall due, or when liabilities exceed assets.

Saving a Company
Insolvency doesn't necessarily spell the end of the company.
The processes outlined in the Companies Act to save
a company include:

• Creditor Compromises & Schemes of Arrangement
Biz Rescue has experience with obtaining such agreements
with creditors to enable companies to trade out of difficulty.

• Voluntary Administration
Fairly new to NZ, this allows for agreements with creditors
in a robust, formal framework.
Again, Biz Rescue has experience in this area.

Ending a Company
When there is little likelihood a company will be able to trade
out of its difficulties the only option is liquidation.
In the past 2 years Geoff has administered 11 liquidations.

  insolvency assignments have included    

• Building companies

• Retail shops

• Vessel charter firm

• Scientific testing company

• Restaurants

• Theatre company

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